Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ghetto Light

Last time in lighting, we were told to put away our strobes and use our imaginations. We were instructed to go to Home Depot or your home and find lights to use for our assignment. We were told to do a portrait of a blue collar worker. Meet Tim Brant. He is the general manager of the Stonehenge Avenue store and has been working at Domino's for 4 years. He confesses that he has been working in the pizza business for 15 years, and he loves it. He now attends WKU and is trying to get a degree in finance or management. He hopes to open his own pizza business someday. Anyway, I had a great time photographing him and it was challenging figuring out where to put my the lights in the car.

Here's my setup: Two "Real" 60-watt bulbs attached to clamps. One on the driver side pointed up and one on the window lever on the other side of the truck. I had a lamp on the outside to light the outside of the truck.