Monday, October 5, 2009

Love me Cheer-ly

Our assignment for lighting last week was fill light, and our subject was portrait of an athlete. I decided to choose athlete(s).

Lori and Josh are both ex-cheerleaders who met through the WKU cheerleading program. They fell in love and got married this summer on the beach. :) Lori is a junior at WKU and Josh is an '06 alumni and the coach of the all-girl Western cheerleading team. Therefore both are still active in cheerleading.

The first one is filling the light so that it looks natural and unstrobed. The second one is where we were supposed to make it look strobed. I don't really like the second one. In the first one, I wish that her glasses didn't leave a shadow on her face.

I am starting a photo story on Lori and Josh today, so check back later because there is more to come.